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About Chiao Fu Material Technology

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About Ciaofu Materials

Chiao Fu Group, the parent company of Chiao Fu Material Technology Co., Ltd.,was founded in 1976 and became Taiwan's leading professional foam manufacturer.
In 1983, it stepped into the plastics industry.
In 2006, it acquired Hua Wei Industrial which produces nylon strap.
The plastics division of Chiao Fu Group sold well-known engineering plastics abroad in the early days.
Since 1993, it has been engaged in the manufacturing and production of composite materials.
In order to provide customers with the most professional technical support and services, it purchased extrusion machines, injection machines, color matching instrument, CNC integrated processing machine, electric discharge machine and various testing instruments such advanced equipments for support from Germany, the United States and Japan to meet customer's needs.  



In order to be in line with the international market, Chiao Fu Composite Materials Division has developed into an international enterprise after decades of hard work and growth, with several professional production plants located in Taiwan, Dongguan, China, Kunshan, China and Thailand, etc. Absolutely able to provide world-class process capabilities and technology to customers around the world. Chiao Fu Material Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2013 to integrate plastic raw material development resources.  We are mainly engaged in the production of engineering plastics and modified additives for mixing and extrusion, color matching of raw materials, pelletizing, and injection molding.




Product categories include nylon 6 (PA6), nylon 66 (PA66), biodegradable environmental protection materials (Biomass composite materials), polypropylene (PP) and other functionally enhanced and glue-modified composite materials, which have been widely used Automobiles and motorcycles, sports equipment, 3C products, power tools, electrical products, precision electronics, office OA and other parts. In addition, we have also cooperated with Honeywell in technical cooperation and become the company's main nylon 6 agent in Asia. With years of development in the field of engineering plastics, we have been able to continuously accumulate excellent production technology, provide stable high-quality products and rapid customer service concepts, and win the trust and praise of international customers.