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About Chiao Fu Material Technology

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1976 "Chiao Fu Foam Co., Ltd." was founded in Taichung, Taiwan on October 25, and "Chiao Fu Group" was founded, starting as a professional foam manufacturer.

1978 From "Chiao Fu Foam Limited Ltd." officially changed its name to "Chiao Fu Foam Co., Ltd.".  
1983 Stepped into the plastic industry, engaged in the production and manufacturing of composite modification, dyeing, and injection molding of engineering plastics.

1990 Entered overseas markets, invested in the Melbourne factory in Australia, and officially entered internationalization.
In 2006, it cooperated with Huawei Company, a professional nylon strap manufacturer, to jointly operate "Huawei Shanghai Factory".  

In 2010, the "Composite Materials Division" was formally established and became the third largest division of Chiao Fu Group to effectively integrate plastic materials development resources.
In 2012, Kunshan Fuluo Composite Material Factory was built and officially opened for operation.

In 2015, "Chiao Fu Material Technology Co., Ltd." was established in Taichung, Taiwan, to actively expand the international market and continue to diversify international operations.   


 2019 Obtained invention patents for "Biodegradable film material and its manufacturing method", "Cross-linked composite high-performance ABS/PLA environmentally friendly bio-green material preparation method".

2019 Shortlisted for the 2019 Science and Technology Agribusiness Elite Award-Innovative R&D