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PA66 Hydrolysis Resistance Grade

Commodity Item Number:MD212GH33
CiaoPlas™ Ciaofu composite plastic material has high-strength properties, which can replace some of the metal properties as structural materials, and is widely used in water chamber products, inter coolers, and auto parts. It is a material with high rigidity, high temperature resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and it meets the specification TL52062.
  • Brand Name: CiaoPlas Material Description:
    Product Name: MD212GH33
    Material: Nylon 66
    Specifications: Hydrolysis resistance grade
    Color: Provide customized color matching                                                                 
    Certification: RoHS, REACH, UL                                              

    Material description:
    - A material with high rigidity, high temperature resistance, and hydrolysis resistance.
    - It can also be tailored to the customer's product physical requirements.
    - Meet the specification TL52062
    - Nylon 66 material, generally used in products with hydrolysis resistance characteristics.